Electric scooters

On this site you will find not only LED lamps, but also such a fast growing and advanced section of Electronic Bicycles. Here you will find the best, most ergonomic and most advantageous scooter for you. We have Electronic Wheels of all sizes, battery capacities

Electric scooters

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Electric scooter Olto Power Electric scooter Olto Power
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Electric scooter Olto Power

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Electric scooter Olto Power

350W motors 3, 6V 8, 8Ah

The maximum speed is 25km / h

Average distance with one charge - 20-25km

Weight 12, 5 kg

The maximum weight of the rider is 100kg

Compact folding frame and steering wheel

Height-adjustable steering wheel

Includes phone holder and cup / bottle holder.

LCD display

Led light in front

Front and rear shock absorber

Tires, tubeless

Sound signal

One year warranty